Restoring In-Person Worship Services on June 7th, 2020

Recognizing the eagerness of many to gather again and a need to minister to one another in the body of CHRIST in the admonition of HOLY SCRIPTURE, the following guidelines are given:
  1. We are permitted to gather with a maximum of 175 people. This will work well for us and we will return to meeting on June 7th with both Services as usual.
  2. All greeting & visiting will take place outside the facility. Respectful distancing practices need to be observed please.
  3. For those who wish to be on campus, but prefer to stay in their vehicles, reserved spaces for radio listeners are marked. The FM frequency is 90.9 on your radio dial. An Usher will bring a Bulletin to you in your car.
  4. It is asked that those who have symptoms of sickness refrain from attending.


When you arrive on campus, please observe all posted signs. Enter the church through the Multipurpose Foyer Entrance, but please do not gather in the foyer. Worship Bulletins will be on the table as you enter. Inside the Bulletin is a Fellowship Insert that you are asked to fill out with your name & a current phone number. This will enable the Health Department to notify you in case of exposure to the virus if necessary. Please place the Fellowship Insert in an Offering Box. Children attending Services in Chapel Building will be checked-in electronically by parent just as we previously did. When the Service is over, we will exit through the East Side Door. The Library will initially be closed on Sundays, but will remain available during weekday Office Hours. (9-5 M-F)

Masks are recommended, but not required. Complimentary, disposable masks will be offered as long as supply lasts. You may take them with you or discard them in the trash at the exit door when you leave. They will not be reused. There are a number of Sanitizing Stations throughout the campus and we encourage their use. Please refrain from shaking hands and hugging to keep our church family well.

As you enter the Sanctuary, there will be Offering Boxes available at the front. A third box will be at the door as you leave. A collection plate will not be passed in the Service. However, you may also give through the mail, drop it off at the Church Office, or give online.

[UPDATED September 6th] At first, until further notice, Adult Sunday School has returned to in-person gatherings and will continue online (connect through Groups) and can be viewed on the church YouTube Channel. Children’s Sunday School will merge with the Jr. Church Program, The “POOL” , and will meet during Second Service. Children are asked to go directly to the Chapel after checking-in. They are to enter through the Chapel Doors. Nursery and Tots Class will also be during Second Service. Workers holding babies or children are encouraged to wear masks.

Coming into the Sanctuary, you will notice the chairs have been spaced for safety. You are welcome to cluster closer to your family with the chairs, but please return them to their original place when the Service has ended if possible. Moving chairs will enable parents to help their children if necessary and returning them to where they were will insure that things will be ready for the next Service. Bathrooms and other surfaces will be sanitized after each Service.

On Communion Sunday, trays of the elements, bread and juice in a single self container will be available in multiple places about the room. Please take one container per person, if you wish to take communion. Hold on to this packet until we can all take the elements together. You are asked to dispose of the empty cup and wrappings at the exit door as you leave. A supply of these communion packets were ordered long ago, but have not yet arrived. We will delay communion until they arrive.

While hymnbooks will not be available, we do get to sing! The words of worship will be projected and included in the Bulletin.

Please do not congregate inside the auditorium before, during, or after the Service. All are welcome to gather outside in the courtyard afterward. Please continue to practice proper distancing. Please do not disturb theWorship Service inside the buildings. If possible, coffee will be served in the courtyard. Feel free to bring your own.

We have all expressed that we have missed one another in our corporate worship together. Some are delighted we will be able to return to meeting together. Some are anxious or cautious about doing so. Both responses are understandable. Whatever you decide to do, know you are loved and respected in your decision.

The purpose of our gathering is to EXALT the God who has saved us, ENCOURAGE one another in the development of our faith, and be an EXAMPLE of Christ our LORD to a watching world. Do remember that GOD has commanded us to not forsake gathering together when at all possible.


Written by Pastor Joe Gross on behalf of the
The RCC Elder Board
The RCC Deacon Board
The RCC Pastoral Staff