Hope Out Loud

Hope Out Loud

The Barrick family currently lives in Lynchburg, VA, and ministers together as a family with Hope Out Loud. Their passion is to help people who are broken and hurting find hope and healing in the truth of God’s Word.
The Hope Out Loud ministry uses every means possible to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through speaking, written materials, TV, radio, DVDs, and the internet. God continues to open up doors for the Barrick family to reach out and speak in public and community venues as well as Christian environments. God is using them to inspire and give hope to hurting people all over the United States and internationally as they share their miraculous story of God’s faithfulness and healing in the midst of tragedy.
The prayer of the Barrick family is that God will be glorified and that many people will come to know Christ as Savior through their testimony.

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Sunday, April 29th
6:00 PM

To learn more, visit hopeoutloud.com.