About RCC


Redlands Community Church began in 1921 as the Redlands Community Sunday School. At that time, there were about 20 homes in the area everyone had to drive into town across the bridge to attend church. A number of Christians on the Redlands had a desire for their neighbors to hear the Gospel right in their own orchard community and started the Sunday School which later became Redlands Community Church – the first church here on the Redlands! After all these years, RCC’s desire has not changed! We still want our neighbors and friends to hear the Gospel, but our vision now reaches beyond the Redlands to our city, our state, our country, & ultimately to our world!


Redlands Community Church is governed by a Board of Elders consisting of laymen and pastor who diligently oversee the spiritual needs of the body and our Deacon Board also consisting of laymen and pastor who take care of the financial and physical needs of our facility.


We at RCC believe in the great commission of taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Our present Missions Roster of supported missionaries consists of 15 units (families, couples, & singles) representing a number of Mission Organizations both in the US & abroad. Missions is an important part of this church body.